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We are the company that produce and manufacture all the baskets. We are not trading company. Operating as a factory, we respond more quickly and can easy follow the requirement

Various Product and 100% Natural Material

100% natural rattan material from Indonesia. Our products range : Rattan storage baskets, Rattan basket with lid, Rattan basket round, Rattan laundry basket, Large rattan wicker basket, Wicker basket for flowers & garden, hampers and gift baskets, Fireside baskets, Bike baskets, Grey Kubu Basket, Colored wicker baskets, rattan bags and trunk


Traditional craftmanship combine with modern & innovative design. Innovation never stop in color, material, weaving style, basket model and shape

Experience Craftsman

We have 100+ experience Craftsman wicker worker that each one of them at least have more than 5 years experience in rattan wicker world industries


SeloAgro, Your Premier Handwoven Rattan Basket Manufacturer and Wholesale from Indonesia. We do Basketwares and Handicrafts made from rattan wicker cane and natural fibers

At SeloAgro, we take pride in our esteemed reputation as a leading manufacturer and exporter company of premium wicker rattan baskets and handicraft products. With a strong presence in Europe, the United States, Australia & New Zealand, as well as several Asian countries, our products have captured the hearts of customers worldwide.

Decades of Expertise and Artistry

With over a decade of experience, our skilled designers and craftsmen have mastered the art of creating exquisite handmade basketwares. We have honed our expertise in the design, manufacturing, and export of rattan baskets, both to international markets and for local purposes.

Sustainable Elegance with Natural Rattan

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every product we create. We take pride in using only the finest natural rattan material to craft our handmade basketwares. From enchanting Rattan wicker storage baskets to practical Rattan laundry baskets, charming Rattan garden baskets to delightful Wicker rattan flower baskets, and more - each piece is a testament to the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Diverse Range of Handmade Basketwares

At SeloAgro, we offer an extensive range of basketwares meticulously crafted with care and passion. Our product line includes Rattan bicycle baskets, exquisite Wicker rattan planters, Rattan storage basket solutions, Decorative basket, or a touch of rustic basket and a variety of other stunning rattan creations. All handwoven from best artisan basketmaker


CV.SELOAGRO: A Legacy of Rattan Basket Craftsmanship Our company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Tangerang, Indonesia, CV.SELOAGRO proudly stands as rattan basket manufacturer, carrying forward a rich heritage of excellence. We are not trading company, We manufacture the products by ourself . What began as a dedicated supplier for a prominent rattan company in Indonesia has evolved into a thriving enterprise, driven by our passion for creating exceptional rattan products.

In 2010, we embarked on a new chapter in our journey, venturing into international markets as an exporter. With an initial "undername" export arrangement, we honed our expertise and established our presence on the global stage. In 2012, we took the proud stride of registering as an independent exporter, marking the inception of CV.SELOAGRO as a distinguished name in the industry.

Behind the success of CV.SELOAGRO stands a dedicated team of over 100 skilled workers, artisans who pour their heart and soul into each rattan creation. Guided by years of experience, we work collaboratively with our suppliers and business partners, cherishing the relationships that strengthen our foundation.


We produce various wicker baskets from home & decor products, planters, storage to bicycle baskets and accessories. All with natural rattan material and combined with natural fiber. We are open for custom made products & design


We focus on quality from start to finish to ensure our customers get the best wicker baskets they want. We offer best price, a very good workmanship and in timely manner


We have been working with customers and buyers around the world. Our customers are still with us since the beginning and we are growing together with our customers. Our main market is still in Europe and spread from Australia and New Zealand to Hongkong & Taiwan. We are touching Africa in South Africa and now build the market in USA


We doing research and development for new baskets model, weaving style, coloring process and new material


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