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Seloagro are established company which is focuses on agriculture, furniture and handicrafts industry. Currently the products we produce have been marketed not only in Indonesia but also reached overseas. We produce and distribute Thatch Roof - Atap Alang-alang, Rattan Basket - Keranjang rotan and Rattan or Bamboo Furniture. The product can be a standard product and custom made. We are open for you requirement. Your satisfaction is our aim

Seloagro In Local Newspaper

English Version

Two days ago before released on local newspaper, i had an interview via phone with Kontan reporter. The reporter asked me about thatch roof or atap alang-alang

I explained to her as much as i know about the thatch roof from beginning process until how to market

If you see the detail on that newspaper, there are a few report that should be corrected, but i will do it latter.

Bahasa Version

SeloAgro di koran Kontan edisi 17 Juli 2009

Beberapa dari isi di koran Kontan perlu direvisi, walaupun tidak terlalu besar persoalannya. Mungkin mbak Aprillia-nya lagi dikejar deadline. Maklum saja. Btw, nama saya harusnya Marselinus Silimalar.

Terima Kasih buat Kontan yang sudah memuat berita tentang atap alang-alang dan mengambil SeloAgro sebagai "model". Terus terang, pada saat itu saya katakan kepada mbak Aprillia kalau saya adalah pemain baru dan tidak sebesar yang diperkirakan. Sekali lagi, terima kasih.

thatched roof from indonesia

Thatched or Ilalang

Thatch Roof

Thatch roof are made by natural coarse grass from West Java, Indonesia. This natural thatch panel is an ideal to use as the roof of gazebo, bungalow, restaurant, villa.

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Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket - Keranjang Rotan

Rattan basket (keranjang rotan) are made by natural rattan from Indonesia. The whole process are hand made by the best specialist

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