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Seloagro are established company which is focuses on rattan wicker and handicrafts industry. Currently the products we produce have been marketed not only in Indonesia but also reached overseas. We produce and distribute Rattan Wicker Basket - Keranjang rotan, Basketware, Rattan wicker bicycle/bike basket and Thatch Roof - Atap Alang-alang. The product can be a standard product and custom made

Rattan Basket From Indonesia

SeloAgro are rattan basket hand made from Indonesia . We produce hundreds of model base on customer needed or design by our designer.

You can see several item by click this link rattan basket product. to check new design.

We are open for CUSTOM MADE RATTAN WICKER PRODUCTS. Please send detail information to

Thatched or Ilalang

Thatch Roof

Thatch roof are made by natural coarse grass from West Java, Indonesia. This natural thatch panel is an ideal to use as the roof of gazebo, bungalow, restaurant, villa.

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Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket - Keranjang Rotan

Rattan basket (keranjang rotan) are made by natural rattan from Indonesia. The whole process are hand made by the best specialist

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