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Seloagro are established company which is focuses on rattan wicker and handicrafts industry. Currently the products we produce have been marketed not only in Indonesia but also reached overseas. We produce and distribute Rattan Wicker Basket - Keranjang rotan, Basketware, Rattan wicker bicycle/bike basket and Thatch Roof - Atap Alang-alang. The product can be a standard product and custom made

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Indonesia is a country of rattan raw materials exporter in the world with the ability to supply as much as 85%.However, the production of cane and rattan furniture Only touches the figure 2.9%.

From the above facts, the possibility of Indonesian rattan industry to compete in the world should be very competitive. Because we have resources in raw materials, industrial processing of raw materials and also rattan craft industry that consists of furniture and other rattan handicraft

In terms of price, we should be able to compete with rattan products originating from China. We can produce rattan products with lower price and cheap . The availability of various resources and supported by extent of the market share of the rattan industry, the possibility should have been competing to become a reality.

One of the requirements that must be fulfilled is the renegotiation of export to foreign country. The amount of exports Indonesia's Rattan to the world is one of the factors decreasing competitiveness of rattan products

With less of rattan exports of raw materials, we can enjoy cheaper and quality rattan products.

Because of the things mentioned above, SeloAgro produce rattan handicraft with competitive price and quality export. Handicraft products that we develop is a rattan basket. Rattan basket price from us consists of three quality with price cheap, standard, and expensive / exclusive so that all of you can buy rattan baskets from SeloAgro

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Keranjang Rotan Murah

Indonesia adalah negara exportir bahan baku rotan terbesar di dunia dengan kemampuan supply sebesar 85%. Namun catatan ini berbanding terbalik dengan produksi kerajinan rotan dan furniture rotan yang hanya menyentuh angka 2,9 %.

Dari kenyataan di atas, kemungkinan industri rotan Indonesia untuk bersaing di tingkat dunia "seharusnya" sangat besar. Sebab, kita mempunyai resource seperti bahan baku, industri pengolahan bahan baku juga industri kerajinan rotan yang terdiri dari furniture maupun handicraft lainnya.

Dari segi harga, harusnya kita bisa bersaing dengan produk rotan yang berasal dari China. Seharusnya kita dapat menghasilkan produk rotan dengan harga murah. Ketersediaan berbagai resource serta didukung oleh luasnya pangsa pasar industri rotan dunia, kemungkinan bersaing harusnya sudah menjadi kenyataan.

Salah satu syarat yang harus dipenuhi adalah peninjauan kembali export rotan ke mancanegara. Besarnya eksport rotan Indonesia ke mancanegara merupakan salah satu faktor menurunnya daya saing produk jadi rotan.

Dengan menyempitnya kran eksport bahan baku rotan, maka bangsa kita bisa menikmati produk rotan murah dan berkualitas.

Memperhatikan hal-hal tersebut di atas, maka kami SeloAgro memproduksi kerajinan rotan dengan harga bersaing dan berkualitas export. Produk kerajinan yang kami kembangkan adalah keranjang rotan. Harga keranjang rotan dari kami terdiri dari tiga kualitas dengan harga murah, standard dan mahal/exclusive sehingga semua kalangan bisa membeli produk keranjang rotan dari SeloAgro

Thatched or Ilalang

Thatch Roof

Thatch roof are made by natural coarse grass from West Java, Indonesia. This natural thatch panel is an ideal to use as the roof of gazebo, bungalow, restaurant, villa.

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Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket - Keranjang Rotan

Rattan basket (keranjang rotan) are made by natural rattan from Indonesia. The whole process are hand made by the best specialist

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